Premier Bundle Device Replacement Policy

Simplicity Premier Bundle Device Replacement Policy


Free Mobile Device replacement for Simplicity Premier Bundle Customers. As long as you are an active Simplicity Premier Customer your mobile device is covered. At Plain Mobile we understand that occasional accidents happen. If your mobile device that you received as part of your original Simplicity Premier Bundle stops working for any accidental damage, defect or manufacture defect we will replace it with the same or similar device. Some Restrictions Apply.

Note: Devices that have been lost or stolen are not covered under the Device Replacement Policy.

See below for more Information and Terms. 


Terms and Conditions for Simplicity Premier Bundle Devices Replacement

Customer is eligible for One Free qualified replacement device during the initial term of the Premier Bundle Plan (180 days). To maintain replacement device coverage after the initial term, customer must adhere to all the conditions below and all standard Plain Mobile Terms and Conditions. 

  • Customer must be an active Simplicity Premier Bundle Customer.
  • Maintain continuous service on the Plain Mobile Network. Continuous service is maintained by purchasing a top-up or refill of any of our Plan Mobile Simplicity Saves Plans Click Here. Customer must not let service with Plan Mobile Lapse at any time. See Terms and Conditions for more information. 
  • Customers will be charged a shipping and handling fee for the replacement device. Standard shipping rates will apply. Customer shall pay any additional fees associated with express or overnight shipping.
  • At the discretion of Plain Mobile the customer may be asked to return the defective or broken mobile device. If the customer chooses not to return the defective device a service fee may apply.

See below for more information on Mobile Device defects.

Customer and Accidental Damage

  • Impact Drops – Devices that show sign of dropping or indentions on the housing. Impact drops may also create lcd issues such as flickering, bleeding, pixelation, discoloration. Impact can also affect the power and tuning or service on the mobile device.
  • Broken or Cracked Housing – Device has Broken Housing Parts, Cracks, or in the glass or screen of the mobile device.
  • Liquid Damage – Device shows signs of liquid damage. Liquid damage is severe damage that normally affects the power and charging ports of the mobile device. Liquid damage may also affect the overall functionality of the device from power, lcd, charging, microphone, calling or other issues. Another common issue with liquid damaged phones is battery failure, battery life, battery charging and mobile device chargers.
  • Mobile Devices that show heavy wear, damaged port or other signs of neglect may be considered Customer and Accidental Damage.


Manufacturer Defects

Mobile devices that do not have any of the listed problems from above (See Customer and Accidental Damage) will be deemed Manufacturer defects. Normal manufacturer defects may include some of the following issues:

Battery failure

Software issue

Charging Port

Charging cable and cord

No service

Power issues