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Plain Mobile Simplicity Saves Top-up or Refill

Plain Mobile Simplicity Saves Top-up or Refill

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High Speed Data

Payment Refill and Top-Up

1. For Customers who are topping up or refilling our Premier Plans


3. Unlimited Talk Text and Data on the Nation's largest and most reliable network

4. Taxes and Service Fees may apply See Terms and Conditions

Plans provide a fixed amount of High-Speed Data and may be throttled after. Please see plan terms, Restrictions and Conditions Here for the SIMPLICITY SAVES PLAN 

Customer Service


Contact Plain Mobile
Phone: 1-888-477-7662  
Mailing Address:
Wireless Brands Co
2295 Skelton Road
Suite B1
Gainesville GA 30504
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Care Instructions

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How To Bring Your Own Device

1. Check Eligibility

2. Get A SIM Card

3. To activate your new Plain Mobile SIM card press Activate your SIM or contact customer support at