Certified Pre-Owned (CPO)


How do I know if a Plain Mobile CPO device is reliable? 

All Plain Mobile Certified Pre-Owned devices have passed a Total Quality Inspection, which ensures: 

  • The battery charges up, and the battery charge indicator works.
  • All ports are completely functional, and all card slots work.
  • Each pixel on the display works, and images on the screen are clear and bright.
  • Wi-Fi and other connectivity functions work properly.
  • Speakers, microphones, and Bluetooth audio all work.
  • All buttons and soft keyboards work 
  • The software is up to date.

A warranty is one way to reduce concerns about a used or refurbished device. Certified Pre-Owned phones are also eligible for our Premier Device Replacement Program, which covers accidental damage and many defects that pop up post-warranty. Sign up on our Premier Bundle Plan to get this additional warranty. If you purchase a Certified Pre-Owned device with a credit card, your card may also provide extended protection. 

If battery life is one of your top priorities, you can rest assured knowing that battery health and maximum capacity is thoroughly tested before certifying the device. And, if there is a manufacturer issue that occurs within 30 days of purchase, you can learn about our 30-day device return and exchange policy here